The Best of Quarterly

Treat someone (or yourself) to an awesome gift— a Quarterly box curated by the coolest people!

The Best of Quarterly is a special, limited-time shopping experience created by

The Best Packages

At Quarterly, we love building a tangible connection between subscribers and the people they care about. We also love introducing people to great new people and products—boxes they didn't know they needed until they saw them. Ever looked at a past Quarterly mailing and thought, "I want that!"? That's where Best of Quarterly comes in.

Due to overwhelming demand, we're re-issuing a limited number of our best mailings from the past year. These are boxes from a variety of Quarterly curators, from across our many categories: Food, Books, Fashion, Fitness, and more. This is our way of making it easier to browse box contents and shop for multiple boxes. You'll see exactly what you're getting, and boxes ship immediately. 

For more details, check out our FAQ page. We're excited to hear what you think! 

How Much Does it Cost?

Packages are either $50 or $100, depending on the Curator.


What is Quarterly?

Quarterly is a new way to connect with the people you follow and find interesting. We spend so much of our lives connecting with people online that we forget the value of tangible interactions that happen in the real world. Quarterly wants to bridge that gap by allowing anyone to subscribe to influential curators and receive physical items in the mail from them. It’s like a magazine, but instead of receiving words on a page, our subscribers receive actual items that tell a compelling story crafted by the curator.

Here’s our Founder, Zach Frechette, on why he started Quarterly.

Why Does This Site Look Different From

In an effort to build a new type of shopping experience for Quarterly, we created a stand-alone shopping experience that allows users to view package contents and purchase multiple boxes.